Friday, March 13, 2015

Rosehill offers Two Hearts One Language an equine facilitated learning program

The Inn at Rosehill & Rosehill Stables is proud to now offer Two Hearts One Language, an equine facilitated learning program developed by equine professional, Janie Smith. It is a program designed to help participants find their authentic self and ground there. There are several facets of the program: Growth & Learning for Children and Youth; Personal Development & Growth; Women’s Empowerment/Survivors of Domestic Violence; Corporate Teambuilding & Leadership Development.
We are particularly excited about the Growth & Learning for Children and Youth facet of Two Hearts One Language, especially if your child is struggling with relationships or self-esteem. Participants are welcomed into a safe and non-threatening environment to participate in activities designed to build trust, resourcefulness, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills. Participants draw on their interaction with the horses and are then able to compare that interaction to other situations or relationships in their lives. This program runs 1 ½ hours a week for 12 weeks.
Growth & Learning for Children and Youth, is offered as a group program and an individual program. The group program is highly effective as it allows children to see the horses’ behavior with a myriad of personalities and that interaction helps them see how what they offer in behavior is perceived by others and mirrored back to them. Equine professionals and counselors, as well as the horses are part of each session.
The Two Hearts One Language Growth & Learning for Children and Youth group program is offered at $420.00 for twelve weeks ($35.00 per session which is comparable to our lesson program). Please contact us at 704-764-3989 or PM us on FB for more information and registration for this empowering series.

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