Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beautiful birds and baby Great Blue Heron

Another beautiful morning at The Inn at Rosehill.  Yesterday morning we were having coffee on the dining porch at the rear of the Inn by the pond, when a baby blue heron landed on the wire next to a row of smaller birds.  Most of the other birds flew off, with the exception of one who sat next to baby blue for a bit.  As one of our guests tried to stealthily go for their camera, baby blue flew out over the field and then circled back in a fly-by to give us a once over.  Late afternoon, the day before, one of the adult Great Blue's was hunting in the pond.  We also have a Snowy Egret that frequents the pond and sometime brings a mate with him.  The frogs are getting a little jumpy!

The thistle is blooming, so the American Gold Finches are out in force.  Our friends, the Eastern Bluebirds are always in residence from spring through late fall.  The butterfly bushes are abuzz with butterflies including a Monarch or two flitting back and forth between purple flowers right off the back porch.  The dining porch at Rosehill is the place to be for serious and not-so-serious bird watchers!